Jagex puts the hook on the door for RuneScape

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Jagex puts the hook on the door for RuneScape

Messaggiodi rsgoldfastcom il 16 ottobre 2018, 9:46

Jagex puts the hook on the door for RuneScape Classic - 17 years following the game's launch. It announced the developer this week.

In an open letter on their internet pages, Jagex OSRS Gold told me that the decision to shut down the game was deleted was not easy. Because the developer no longer has the Ideal tools to Be Certain the experience is secure for everyone, the staff felt that it was the only safe way out:

"With the technological advances that helped us to support RuneScape and Old School RuneScapeour resources no longer fit Classic. This is especially a problem with regard to the safety of the players and in regards to detection of cheating. The game can now be readily misused by various third-party tools, and players who use computer programs to perform for themselves have become an ever larger problem.

But, Jagex hasn't supported RuneScape Classic for man best site years, but feel it's just now that the problem has become severe enough. Mistakes that spoil the gambling experience also appear with increasing frequencies, and rather than waiting for something to happen each and every single day, the programmer chose to take the thing in his hands.
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