how long until christmas

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how long until christmas

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how long until christmas
Christmas is of course indispensable decorated socks. You may want to learn the meaning of the socks that do not

The hanging of stockings by the fireplace mantle (also spelled mantel), is a familiar Christmas custom. Those with homes lacking fireplaces may hang Christmas stockings from bedposts, doorknobs, windowsills, staircases and other areas. When Santa Claus arrives on Christmas Eve, he fills the stockings with small treats and gifts. While there is no definitive account that completely explains this tradition, several legends may help to illustrate how the custom of hanging Christmas stockings arose.

Unmatched record speaks clearly about why the socks appeared on Christmas Eve. But according to legend, the most reliable that is derived from the Saint Nicolas know the poor can not pay the dowry for his daughter, Saint Nicolas have let money on the stockings hung over the fireplace to dry after into the house by the chimney. how long until christmas
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