Finials are also making a comeback

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Finials are also making a comeback

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were sometimes carved in the shapes of animals or other figures. Today, chairs designed in similar Roman style will also feature finials. Finials are also found in more unrecognizable places. Whether they are designed as simple spheres or more elaborate shapes, finials can decorate outside wall and curtain rods, wood picket fences, and
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wrought iron fences. Finials are also ideal for topping the columns of gates and gateways. Finials are also making a comeback into contemporary gardens. Thought to ward off evil spirits, the Chinese incorporated porcelain finials into their garden areas. This custom grew in popularity among western gardens, and today ball and pointed finials (named for
their shapes) are now making their way back into the gardens of home owners and landscapers. Once hard to come by, finials are no longer antiques. Their elegance and beauty make contemporary finials an increasingly popular decorative item. Finest Patio & Outdoor Living with Outdoor Furniture Some of those finest moments of life are spent in the
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