How should the floor repair

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How should the floor repair

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<p>wood floor joins a floor board is the tongue-and-groove floor that is facing, solid batten to be ground floor to be made for core layer, veneer with real wood makeup or veneer and the tongue-and-groove floor that are base material to be made for facing, plywood with veneer, general laid is in bedroom, study, sitting room. The person of the choice also gradually grow in quantity, but a lot of people are not much to choosing to understand, what is wood floor combines skill of floor choose and buy? What does wood floor add up to error of floor choose and buy to have? Below small make up will explain one time for everybody, we look together. </p>

<p>wood floor combines skill of floor choose and buy</p>

<p>1, phyletic choice</p>
<p>wood floor adds up to a floor to have two kinds, one kind is floor of three-layer real wood, its generation is earlier, be by the watch board, board of three-layer of core board, backboard goes all out to close and be become. Another kind multilayer real wood floor criterion by layer or 9 7 composition, stability should compare three-layer fact wooden floor is better. It is especially in environment of the heat of the earth's interior, multilayer hear resistance of real wood floor is strong, be out of shape more not easily. </p>

<p>2, choice tree is planted</p>
<p>Compound floor tree plants real wood different, the color depth of the floor can have difference, the price also can differ very great disparity. General better lumber has wood of Hua Limu, teak, oak to wait. Raw material of real wood compound must choose the tree with tree longer age to plant, such tree density is high, hardness and intensity are relatively high also, stability nature is close friends. </p>

<p>3, style grain</p>
<p>Have common plane series and series restoring ancient ways two kinds of styles. Common and planar series and real wood floor board are same, it is jumping-off place with guileless. And series restoring ancient ways is opposite for the style is a lot of more, have the color that pull silk, have anaglyph color, landscape painting style waits a variety of. Floor board of small area room avoids big and desultorily decorative pattern. </p>

<p>4, floor color</p>
<p>Style of illuminative of color of the answers to be accumulated according to decorating a face certainly size of floor color, furniture, whole wait and decide, area the room with big or good daylighting criterion floor color depth is good, the room with area small poor lighting suggests to tie a floor with light color, the meeting on the vision is relatively open, make the room appears more bright. Optional and neuter color undertakes mediating when furniture color is deep, the floor board that a few warm color move can be chosen when furniture color is light. </p>
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