flooring industry has emerged

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flooring industry has emerged

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<p>than the main markets. <a href='http://theartistlounge.biz/durable-wpc-floor/2073-price-for-vinyl-siding-for-1100-sq-foot-home.html'>price for vinyl siding for 1100 sq foot home</a>They are “outside brands” and are naturally excluded from local factories, husband and wife stores, and building materials. Local brands have short delivery times and prices. If you want to share a piece of money with you in the market competition, foreign brands must have better products,cheapest privacy fence to build quality, price, service, etc., but most dealers do it in these areas. Not in place, it is estimated that about 30% of dealers are on </p>
<p>the verge of being eliminated.Cost pressures have risen,<a href='http://yonkersfirehistory.org/deck/542-best-way-to-secure-a-gazebo-to-a-deck.html'>best way to secure a gazebo to a deck</a> prices have risen, inflation has increased, and the cost of raw and auxiliary materials has risen, which has become a dilemma for the home building materials industry. Enterprises in many industries are deeply under pressure.According to one boss,20 ft composite wood decking sales in 2010 increased by 20%, but profits did not increase but fell by 30%.This "upside down" phenomenon is a headache for </p>
<p>practitioners.Another boss said that his factory rent is 700,000 yuan a year, <a href='http://gwbuilder.eu/eco-wall-panel/1088-cost-wood-plastic-privacy-panels.html'>cost wood plastic privacy panels</a>and renting for 5 years requires a total of 3.5 million yuan. Such an expensive rent, if the sales volume has not risen sharply for three consecutive months, the company has the pressure to survive, plus business , taxes, firefighting and other expenses,horizontal wood fence panels production costs only increase, and painstakingly managed but can not make money.The output has increased, but the </p>
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