there are already many flooring

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there are already many flooring

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<p>rebate rate for laminate flooring from 13% to 5%,<a href=''>simpson strong tie composite deck screw</a> and the export tax rebate rate for multi-layer laminate flooring (including bamboo flooring) fell again from 5% in September 2006 to 5%, which is a continuous encounter with Canada. Anti-dumping tariff penalties, the US floor industry lost in the US 337 lock patent,boat decking plastic composite is nothing more than "the house leaks are affected by the night rain." The lock-up fee, the appreciation of the renminbi, and </p>
<p>the increase in the exchange rate, coupled with the New Deal, are the company’s loss of 8% tax rebate. <a href=''>water resistant bead board</a>The three major costs add up, and the total cost of the actual export of the enterprise has been increased by 20-23%. In fact, many enterprises rely on export tax rebates to survive, and the export cost has increased by 20%. Enterprises are not only unprofitable, but also lose money.metal wall and siding panels The increase in labor costs and transportation </p>
<p>costs in China will also increase the cost of enterprises. <a href=''>low cost 4 ft by 8 ft fencing</a>Some insiders analyzed that exports are blocked, and enterprises will inevitably turn to domestic digestion, which will inevitably exacerbate domestic competitive pressures. The New Deal will surely bring about large-scale industry reshuffle.composite fence panels price range The above is a summary of online news. This is also the impact and impact of low carbon on our Chinese wood products manufacturing </p>
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