disorderly competition and no guarantee

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disorderly competition and no guarantee

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<p>2005, the United States intensified the floor 337 investigation case.<a href='http://suntower.org/cheap/2147-best-way-to-level-uneven-ground-to-install-garden-decking.html'>best way to level uneven ground to install garden decking</a> The 18 Chinese flooring companies such as Shengxiang and Shengjia were sued by UNILINC, BERRY and other European counterparts for a small lock. They eventually ended in losing the case. Chinese flooring companies have to deal with these for a year. European companies pay nearly 100 million yuan in royalties for locks, losing their price advantage,how much does a wood ceiling cost and a large </p>
<p>number of export declines are inevitable.<a href='http://ghsmp.org/fence/2429-wood-panel-accent-wall-for-sale.html'>wood panel accent wall for sale</a> However, we did not learn from the lesson: Many domestic flooring companies are willing to spend a lot of money on celebrity endorsements and advertising hype, but they do not pay attention to product development and improve the quality of flooring from a technical perspective.non sag wooden gate kit Many companies use ordinary consumers to make it impossible to identify the quality of the floor from the </p>
<p>appearance. They imitate and plagiarize other people's new technologies and new products.<a href='http://suntower.org/eco/3863-wall-panel-malaysia.html'>wall panel malaysia</a> Shengjia's real wood-grained laminate flooring and three-dimensional structure solid wood composite flooring are widely used by domestic counterparts. Infringement and counterfeiting are examples.wall panels for garden walls The evil result is: disorderly competition and no guarantee of product quality. Against the European giants, Shengjia wins the 'real wood grain patent </p>
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