flooring industry for many years revealed

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flooring industry for many years revealed

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<p>Anxin floor Anxinxin? For a time,<a href='http://graypantherstwincities.org/discount/4637-wood-plastic-solar-heat-gain-calculation.html'>wood plastic solar heat gain calculation</a> the Anxin floor incident caused the entire flooring industry to fall into a crisis of integrity. According to industry sources, the China Real Estate Channel said that at least one ID of the net named “Xiaoyan Li” was posted on the Kaidi Forum twice. It stated that the products provided by Anxin Wood had exceeded the national standard for formaldehyde, and they questioned individual staff of Vanke. There </p>
<p>were non-professional acts in the exchange with An Xin,<a href='http://floor.suntower.org/garden/2854-outdoor-wood-patio-floor-designs.html'>outdoor wood patio floor designs</a> which caused the substandard floor to flow into Vanke Real Estate. On March 1, Vanke announced that the floor formaldehyde used in Foshan New City Bay exceeded the standard. Dai Wubing, the person in charge of a flooring manufacturer,porch material options in canada told reporters that pure solid wood flooring does not contain formaldehyde. Solid wood composite flooring will have formaldehyde due </p>
<p>to the large amount of binder glue containing formaldehyde.<a href='http://babyhorse.org/decoration/6334-Watertight-Wood-Fence-Panels-Installation.html'>Watertight Wood Fence Panels Installation</a> Formaldehyde is an irritating gas with a strong odor. Long-term inhalation can cause harm to the human body. “It is impossible for formaldehyde floor to completely release harmful gases within half a year to one year.”veranda floor and underlayments The personage in the industry who has been engaged in the flooring industry for many years revealed that “under normal circumstances, formaldehyde will </p>
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