floor in the domestic market

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floor in the domestic market

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<p>High-end solid wood flooring products can even double in profits due to their higher value-added products.<a href='http://babyhorse.org/design/2167-Where-To-Buy-Composite-Lumber-For-Furniture.html'>Where To Buy Composite Lumber For Furniture</a> Second-tier brands, the prices are relatively low, in the prefectural city consumer purchasing power, the market prospects are more optimistic about the dealers.wood pricing for cabinets As the consumption capacity of the consumer market in the counties continues to increase, the terminal profit margin will be even greater. Low market operating costs </p>
<p>According to dealers' analysis, brands are operating in first and second-tier cities. <a href='http://originalbuffalowings.org/product/3453-patio-teak-wood-philippines.html'>patio teak wood philippines</a>Manufacturers have certain requirements for dealers' storefronts, and some even require large stores. Some dealers revealed that the off-season store sales are not enough to pay rent and property expenses. From the perspective of input-output ratio, the efficiency is not high.flat rooftop deck las vegas It is understood that first-tier and second-tier city floor dealers should build a 100-</p>
<p>square-meter middle-and-high-end brand specialty store,<a href='http://graypantherstwincities.org/safety/6823-reclaimed-wood-fence-posts.html'>reclaimed wood fence posts</a> which requires at least 500,000 startup funds, and only design expenses, templates, accessories, materials, etc. -1000 yuan/square meter, the rent is paid quarterly and a one-month deposit is added. The construction of a 100-square-meter storefront in the county-level cities starts with a capital of about 15-200,000. Therefore, the dealer's investment is relatively small, unfinished cabinet doors atlantaand the risk is </p>
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