the existing design of your garden

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the existing design of your garden

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honeysuckle, ornamental grapes, and climbing roses. Aside from those plants, steps or paths are great features of cottage garden. You can use terracotta tiles, and then decorate the sides of the paths with colorful plants like lavender and foxglove. The paths are usually curvy and the flower beds on both
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sides should contain flowers which are the same in size, height and variety. On the other hand, this type of garden is usually surrounded by fence, walls or hedge with a gate. This feature will also put emphasis on your garden designs and on your house. Another garden features that will fit to your
house are the bird baths and bird feeding tables where you can feed wild birds that comes in your garden. You can also put wheelbarrows, old farming equipment, and milk churns, which will add to the ancient concept of this garden. There are many ways to create a cottage garden, but the hard part is
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