manager of department

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manager of department

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needs classics phase Emperor resembles Wang Xiaoyu of manager of department of floor market product to think however, pure price war can hurt industry profit, quality assures not easily, non fading outside deck flooring holy elephant does not plan to make too much motion on the price this year. Wang Xiaoyu discloses, holy elephant already was in domestic build the base material product line of productivity of 200 thousand square metre, this

year September put into production, this company returns act carefully upstream to permeate, already cultivated tree to serve as raw material in home. Wang Xiaoyu thinks any market cheap lumber for sale for decks action are brief, reduce cost absolutely only, raise standard ability to assure competition ability. Chinese lumber is current association thinks about the expert, current, the low competition of market of aggrandizement wood floor

makes the industry survives the environment is very harsh. This kind of current situation won't push the market to break down, it is the foreboding that the market enters autumn instead. bifold interior flooring Price war hits a certain datum mark to be able to stop, this profit that nod even if grows is nodded. (Xue Yan) Times of data sources capital on March 31, 2003 Does Honduras timber group ask to improve current situation: ? Depend
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