Aggrandizement wood floor

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Aggrandizement wood floor

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can amount to 150 million square metre. Aggrandizement wood floor is in future grows those who maintain two digit rate inside 5 years, by make caused market price case, brand big warship osb and foam wall panels will be inevitable. Of aggrandizement wood floor homebred change a level to also will rise greatly, by the product is at present homebred change degree to be not worth on average 50% raise 80% above. The wooden floor industry of our

country future will develop along the following direction: One, change to dimensions, standardization, science and technology changes directional development. 2, the use function making curved deck railing that increases wooden floor board stage by stage through method of science and technology, increase the dimension stability that wooden ground turns over, make wooden ground more wear-resisting, Yin Ran, be able to bear or endure

water, fight electrostatic etc. 3, the exterior treatment of real wood floor can appear multiform, if use tall wear-resisting come to the surface,paint or use wear-resisting non-slip stair treads for decks transparent material has Fu side. 4, compound wood floor (a general designation that aggrandizement wood floor and solid Mu Fu join a floor board) the trend that will make wooden floor industry develop, compound wood floor will come what compound
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