farmer or partnership

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farmer or partnership

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one's own accord between the farmer or partnership, even piece form larger area, sign a contract by enterprise and farmer. 4 it is large family contracts make. Conditional management exterior floor panels large family, contract the land of collective or farmer, link a development. Arrive at present, entire county new development fast give birth to high yield forest 38 thousand mus, among them rich collects papermaking company,

dark beauty the unit such as bureau of industry of cable of man-made board company, county builds ground of Lin Ji of industrial raw material 24 thousand mus. - - Shandong forestry bureau- modern wall paneling suppliers - Do the crop of this plank and entrance measure 2 years of some day: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? 2 years the crop of this plank and entrance measure some day Issue date: 2002-7-11

origin: Arrived 1989 between 2001, the output year after year of Japanese plank drops. Sawmill amount of Japan 20 from 1983, many 000 decrease 1990 less than 17, 000, already dropped to instant floor shine in thailand inadequacy to 2000 12, 000. Arrived 1990 between 2001, the domestic output of Japanese plank decreased 50% , have 15 only, 700, 000m3. Although Japanese plank was imported 2001 quantity and of 1991 about the same, but as a
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