the development of product

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the development of product

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<p>Continue, to addition the development of product diversity. Uction lines, or use OEM to achieve product diversification. 3. Entering international market barriers and inhibiting the export of wood flooring in China In the past five years, <a href=''>composite wood floor deck planks on concrete</a> China's exports of wood flooring have been in good conditions, especially since 2003. The 1) Domestic growth of increased production has been increased because the wood flooring production countries have gradually moved toward becoming a manufacturing power house. Tax adjustment to control </p>
<p>the country in order to control high energy consumption, high pollution and resource products,<a href=''>plastic flower pots manila</a> in order to control the excessive consumption of timber resources, the country issued four document tax rates for taxation of wood flooring in 2006, of which the To exports (i) The document No. 139 (2006) issued jointly by five ministries and commissions states that the export tax rebate for pl (2) In order to control the export of resource-type commodities in export commodities, Including wood chips, wooden floors, and disposable </p>
<p>chopsticks, the tariff numbers are considered 44091010 coniferous wood flooring strips (blocks), 44092019 which are nothing more than coniferous wood flooring strips, two adjustments.<a href=''>outdoor tiled decks vs composites</a> After the provisional tax rate is 10%. (3 ) The State Administration of Taxation promulgated (2006) No.1263, canceling export tax rebate for solid wood composite flooring from January 1, 2007. 2) The international use of trade barriers and technical barriers to set up a variety of obstacles, such as Anti-dumping in Canada and Turkey, the </p>
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