government publishs favourable

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government publishs favourable

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plan loan specified amount spends 1.1 billion yuan. Local government publishs favourable policy in succession, encourage development fast Feng Lin. Government of Liaoning, deck step finishing caps Fujian Province published favourable policy, produced main effect to promoting the rapid development of the project. Our country is big country of lumber entrance and consumption, lumber and forest products demand exceeds supply for a long

time, supply deficiency of homebred commodity lumber, gap is very big, vast market space and good benefit redound, it is the another big reason that fast Feng Lin is versed in Cheng is dimensional lumber northern indiana discussions advanced quickly undoubtedly. The enterprise that use material builds base of his raw material forest in succession, forest the development state that paper union, Lin Ban joins has been shown; Broad Lin Nong develops fast

feng Lin to upsurge enthusiasticly also,resistance termites wpc wall siding of all kinds executive main body declares a project eagerly, lifted whole society to do the upsurge of forestry. According to the program, total scope of project of fast Feng Lin is 200 million mus. After total base builds, predict to be able to offer lumber every year one hundred and thirty-three million three hundred and seventy thousand cubic cost 200 foot deck metre comes, 40% what satisfy
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