material of raw material

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material of raw material

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wait for; industry ability like furniture material: Point to make material of raw material of oar, man-made board. ) about 7 ~ 10 % comes from artificial forest, will be german manufacturers composites decking sale built newly as nearly 20 years artificial forest progressively maturity, this one scale still will expand. The whole world is artificial afforestation is undertaken by the country normally, be in especially intertropical country. And often invest

intensity inferior, management level is not high.china wood plastic composite decking and composite But make nearly will appear for years piece the following two big new trends: It is industry industry fierce development of artificial Lin Xun, 2 it is individual or the afforestation development that villages and towns links the land such as agriculture to plastic 2x6 lumber for truck bed use means is rapid. The industry of battalion of already of look forward to is artificial forest, average investment

density is big, execute high intensive to change manage reach dimensions to change manage, machine an industry with industry normally organic union, congeneric even an enterprise. homemade outdoor flame retardant deck This kind artificial forest management target is the industrial raw material that manufacturing company place wants, already evolved to seem the forest products industry of contemporary agriculture for one sort in fact. Typical is Brazilian A the
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