article of method

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article of method

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thousand yuan, assistance unit attends other article of method and detailed rules 6, exhibit meeting activity:   1. Purchase news news briefing to decorate specially invite discount outdoor park benches domestic and internationally professional personage of unit of jobber of the industry, construction industry, industry that pack and wooden industry, plank, agency, scientific research and the industry expert that are engaged in competence

region and  of ,decorative patio wall panels attend a meeting look around and the introductory market information, requirement that can understand concerned unit, agency to wait for pair of timber industry, plank and woodworker directly.   2. Seminar of special subject technology will reach the item that trade public figure offers with respect to the user together and technology to undertake communication, delibrate with Rubber Inlay Decking Board the expert

7, service content:   1. Assistance arranges item on display to carry, condition of pass in and out declares at customs, Qing Dynasty closes   2. Wait for do ginseng exhibit, accommodation of visiting distribute personnel and return ticket   3. Assistance is joined exhibit a manufacturer to hold of all kinds Install Roof Decking On A Shed press conference, project to introduce meeting, technology communication to meet all sorts of
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