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corresponding period

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undred stere, than last year the corresponding period 3.872 million stere, increase 4.1 million stere, rise eighty-nine thousand eight hundred stere, amplitude only 2.18% .price of pool decking in dubai Importing needle leaf log in seven million nine hundred and seventy-five thousand five hundred stere, the needle leaf log that Russia imports occupied seven million one hundred and fifty-one thousand seven hundred stere, than hefting 89.67% , o

ccupy bibcock position firmly already. Our country imported log from Russia first half of the year 2002 seven million five hundred and forty-three thousand five hundred stere,plastic outdoor dog kennel flooring than last year the corresponding period three million six hundred and one thousand eight hundred stere, rise three million nine hundred and forty-one thousand seven hundred stere, Come nearly, our country imports log year after year to r

ise considerably from Russia from Russian collect, was 529 thousand stere 1996, 1997 949 thousand stere, 1998 1.576 million stere, 1999 4.085 million stere, already amounted to 1 in x 4 in x 20 ft teak brown deck board eight million seven hundred and fifty-five thousand six hundred stere 2001, and press the impetus this year, import volume rises to already was become considerably than having again last year finality. Our country grows considerably from what R
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