technology makes have

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technology makes have

Messaggiodi liuer il 18 aprile 2018, 12:06

use high-tech to presswork the technology makes have what prevent bogus sex integratedly to defend bogus product, every label is especially implicit a group of special code that prevent bogus,economical patio alternatives deck and fence the encode that prevent bogus was recorded by the pertinent information of protective goods, the encode of an any marker is exclusive and can one-time use. The number prevents bogus to differentiate service system to use

high-tech number theory, those who match is as algorithmic as computer software, can make each product of manufacturer obtains the exclusive number that produces by the system inground preservative swimming pools deck to prevent pseudo code, make the label preventing bogus with this only product thereby, use computer network technology to build a number to prevent bogus couplet net to inquire a system in the whole nation at the same time, anybody is

obtained stick the merchandise that has the label that prevent bogus, no matter be in,want why to dial phone of inquiry special railway line to be able to affirm the true bogus pvc crust foamed board of the product through the system only when. L prevents bogus data marker: Use one-time, once blow test and verify, the label is destroyed namely become invalid. L marker data set becomes: Have uniqueness, namely a product codes, cannot repeat,
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