Curry wasn't just a conductor on offense Jersey

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Curry wasn't just a conductor on offense Jersey

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This is the second straight season the Warriors have eliminated Damian Lillard and the Trail Blazers in the playoffs after Golden State defeated the Blazers 4-1 in the second round in 2016.
Whoever the Warriors play in the second round, history tells us it could be smooth sailing into the Western Conference finals. Golden State manhandled the Clippers during the regular season and outscored the Jazz by more than 10 points per game in their three meetings.
The Golden State Warriors owned more than an 18-point advantage in its overall season series against the Portland Trail Blazers.
The Warriors are the fourth team to sweep the Trail Blazers in a playoff series over the last 20 seasons. Each of the previous three teams went on to win the title.
There was no time wasted for Stephen Curry in the Warriors' Game 4 series-clinching win. The former MVP led Golden State with 37 points, but did most of his work in the first three quarters of the game.
After the Portland Trail Blazers were swept by the Golden State Warriors on Monday, point guard Damian Lillard told ESPN he's developed a newfound obsession with trying to take down the Warriors.
Golden State used a 45-point first quarter to put a series-clinching Game 4 out of reach in Portland.
The two-time All-Star is proud of the team's push down the stretch of the regular season, but he said he's not satisfied.
"I wouldn't say it was a successful year," Lillard told ESPN. "We got tested, and I think we answered the bell. I felt like we showed our true colors by the way we fought. But I wouldn't say successful. I think it was growth. A year of growth for us."
In last year's playoffs, the Warriors bounced the Trail Blazers out of the second round in five games.
Lillard's anger was evident after Monday's lopsided loss. "I don't even know what to think right now," he said. "It's very frustrating. But you know me: I'm going to come back stronger than ever."
When addressing the media, Lillard spoke highly about how well the Warriors play together and how everyone is on the same wavelength. He has realized that the Trail Blazers must take a page out of the Warriors' book.
"You have to be obsessed with that because you know that they're so good that they're going to be there," Lillard said after a 128-103 loss in Game 4. "That's who you're going to have to get through to get to where you want to get to. That's what it is."
Lillard recorded 34 points and six assists in 41 minutes on Monday and was 12-of-24 from the field. The rest of his team shot 21-for-61, equating to 34 percent.
"You also got to understand that if you ever want to get out of the West, you're going to have to go through them," Lillard said during his media address. "And for me, I understand that's what it is. It's always been that way in the NBA. I think about when the Pistons were just beating up on [Michael] Jordan. [They] were just kicking his butt every year, and he had to get through them if he wanted to get to where he wanted to get to. That's just what it is. [The Warriors are] going to be there. They're going to be there every year. We have to look at that and understand that we got to be better. We have to go get better,and come back better as a group if we want to move past them."
Kevin Durant loves Lillard's competitive spirit. He told ESPN that the Trail Blazers are a few pieces from contending.
"I think they want somebody on the wing that can take the pressure off those two guards [C.J. McCollum and Lillard], somebody that's big for their position. But they're right there, man. They're a good team. They started off slow. I think they should have been a higher seed, but they fought their way to get in the playoffs. They have a future center in [Jusuf] Nurkic who took them over the top, but I think they need another ball handler on the wing to get them going. It's going to be fun playing against these guys in the next few years."
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Kevin Durant's return to the postseason coincided with the Trail Blazers' exit, as the Golden State Warriors blasted their foe from the first round 128-103 in a game that was never close to being close.
For Golden State, it's all coming so easily, while getting so difficult in other respects. Steve Kerr's coaching career seems to hang in the balance, its fate decided by forces beyond anyone's control. When and if he'll be back from painful complications resulting from a cerebral spinal fluid leak, nobody knows.
Stephen Curry Anton Forsberg Womens Jersey and the Warriors blitzed the Blazers from the start to sweep them out of the playoffs.
For what it's worth, Kerr was with his team on Monday night, before the game and afterward, looking far more sanguine after taking in Golden State's crushing performance.
Golden State's first basket was a harbinger of what was to come. In transition, Curry flipped the ball to Durant, who fluidly dribbled into a wing 3-pointer. It was the kind of play that happens after an established rhythm, the capper to an impressive run. In this case, it just kicked off the festivities.
Before he cooled down, Durant (10 points, 20 minutes) was a force in transition, going 3-of-3 in his eight first-quarter minutes. The Warriors moved the ball crisply, finding Klay Thompson for an early barrage. Passes from Curry kept leading to points, with Warriors players hitting 6-of-6 off his passes over the first two quarters.
Curry wasn't just a conductor on offense. He was in MVP form on Monday night, claiming 37 points in just under 30 minutes of play, the most stylish of which came on two different 2-of-1 opportunities from beyond the arc. The first came at the end of the second quarter and was set up by a behind-the-back dribble and a step-back jumper. The shot sailed over an Al-Farouq Aminu close out, hitting its target as Curry fell to the floor. His second 2-for-1 exploit was at the end of the third, and it might have been even bolder. Curry unleashed this 3-pointer, off the dribble, from beyond 30 feet. He would follow up that splash with a quick drive on the next play, his final score in this short work series.
While Portland's Damian Lillard fought to keep the series going, his backcourt mate CJ McCollum had little to offer, going 0-of-7 with 0 points in the first half. McCollum would go on to hit his first shot with 8:42 remaining in the game, deep within the garbage-time oblivion.
In contrast to the first three games of the series, Golden State's offensive explosion wasn't fueled by a JaVale McGee run. Still, McGee might have provided the night's best highlight, rising up between Noah Vonleh and Allen Crabbe to send home a loud lob.
The dunk was fantastic, but the reaction was better. Curry punched the air like a madman. Andre Iguodala did a full 360 turn. Durant, then sitting on the bench, ran onto the floor to congratulate McGee.
Even substitute head coach Mike Brown was impressed, saying, "It was kind of funny, because Andre was right in front of me, and he turned around and was so hyped and I think he was looking for somebody to give him five. And I wanted so bad to just jump up and give him five and start dancing or something like that, because I was excited too. And I was like, 'You're a coach. Play it cool.'"
This was in the first quarter, but it might as well have been the fourth. The end was near and it was being celebrated.
While Kerr's future remains concerning and uncertain, his team has the tools to weather any storm. With or without the architect of so much success, Golden State remains the most formidable team in this playoff tournament, whether it's Mike Brown on the bench or anyone else. As a certain coach said, this is one step in the journey. For the Warriors, it's almost certain to be a long one.
Of Kerr's postgame message to the squad, Stephen Curry relayed that it was about "the perspective of what we've just accomplished and what we have in front of us. This is one step in the journey."
At least Kerr's team has some time to evaluate and decide. Depending on what happens between the Utah Jazz and LA Clippers, the Warriors will start Round 2 on either April 30 or May 2. That time could prove crucial for a coach trying to regain his bearings through a cruelly unpredictable torment.
Meanwhile, the Warriors have looked overwhelming early in this postseason. They can currently rest on the laurels of a violent kind of sweep, one in which they ceded a lone close game. On Monday, the first quarter was total destruction, an emphatic clarification of Portland's vacation plans.
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Re: Curry wasn't just a conductor on offense Jersey

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Re: Curry wasn't just a conductor on offense Jersey

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